Paper Plate Weaving

Paper Plate Weaving

Today, we have a fantastic craft for you! We are going to make this easy woven bowl made out of a paper plate.


What you need:
Colored yarn
Paper plate

First, make 13 tabs out of the plate by drawing a line from the top of the plate to the center circle. I made these lines about 5 cm apart. Just remember, the tabs need to be an odd number.

Cut 0.5 cm on either side of the line to make a narrow V shape.

Fold each tab toward the center.

The tabs spring open to form a bowl. If any of the tabs overlap, trim the side of the tab.

Now, it’s time to weave. This step is easy! To start, I held the yarn on the inside of the plate with my finger to tape it into position. Using the yarn, go over and under each tab around the plate. Keep repeating this over-under process. When you need to change the yarn color, tie the ends together (make sure the knot is on the inside of the plate) and continue weaving.

Don’t pull the yarn too tight, or the plate will warp into an uneven shape.

When you reach the top, slip the yarn down the inside tab through the weave and tie it off.

Trim any loose ends.

We used our bowl to hold our embroidery yarn, and bits and bobs.

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