Minecraft TNT Party Favours

Minecraft TNT Party Favours


What you need:
Cardboard rolls
Red tissue paper
TNT label download Here
Double sided tape


  • Fold and squish the rolls to make them square shape.
  • Measure the tubes to 10cm in length and cut the tube to size.
  • Measure and cut a square of tissue paper to 18cm along each side.
  • Add the double sided tape to the edges of the tissue paper, peel back the tape, Place the cardboard roll onto the sticky tape and roll the tissue paper with the roll inside.
  • Add another small strip of double sided tape to the end of the tissue paper and roll the tube closed.
  • Print and cut a 13cm TNT label, add double sided tape to the back of the label and stick it around the tube.
  • Push in the excess tissue paper at the bottom of the tube into the opening of the tube.
  • Fill the tube with lollies at the open/top end, then close the tube by pushing the paper into it.
  • Now they are ready to give out at the kids Minecraft Party!

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