How to make a picture frame using plastic straws

How to make a picture frame using plastic straws


We found a great way to frame our kids’ drawings by using plastic straws!

  • First, if you’re using bendy straws, cut off the bendy part of the straw.

  • Measure the sides of the picture you want framed and cut the straw to size.

  • Cut down the center of your straws.

  • Measure approximately 35 centimeters and cut a piece of wool or string to that length.

  • Tie the ends of the wool together, and cut off the loose ends.

  • Cut the straw you are using for the top of the frame to open up the slit in the straw.

  • Slide in the wool loop.

  • Turn your picture over and add double-sided tape to all four corners of the picture.

  • Slide the top of the picture through the slit in the straw. Press the straw down so it will stick to the double-sided tape.

  • Slip on the straw that will go along the bottom of the frame.

  • I had to re-measure and then cut a little bit off the straws to fit the sides. Slip on the last two pieces of straw to finish the frame.

Now your pictures are ready to hang up! Or why not give the frames to Mum as a lovely gift on Mother’s Day?

If you’re looking for a similar craft that involves drinking straws, watch this video and make this cool bracelet!

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