DIY Ben’s Elf Hat from Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom

DIY Ben's Elf Hat from Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom


In this video we are going to make the Elf Hat that Ben, from Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom, wears.

What you will need:

Hat Template (download from Here)
Blue Cardboard
Green Foam
Green felt pen
Hat/Thin Elastic
Light Blue paper
Sticky Tape

What you need:

Hat Template (download from Here)
1. Download the hat template from Here, cut it out, then trace around the template onto the blue cardboard.

2. Cut out the hat.

3. Fold the cardboard to make a cone shape and tape down the edge to hold the hat together.

4. Trace the leaf onto the foam sheet and cut it out.

5. With the leaf template cut out  the inner vein drawing and trace around the template onto the foam leaf.

6. Now colour in the veins with a green felt pen.

7. Place the leaf off centre, towards the left of the hat, and staple it to attach it.

8. Cut out the light blue band. Glue and stick it to the hat.

9. Hole punch two holes, one each side of the hat and thread through the elastic and tie a knot.

10.  Cut off any loose ends.

11. I added some double sided tape to fasten on the leaf so it doesn’t droop or fall away from the hat.

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