The Natural Water Cycle

The Natural Water Cycle

Watch this animation to understand how the natural water cycle works.

  • The sun heats water in rivers, lakes, and oceans;
  • This creates water vapour and when the vapour rises into the atmosphere, this is called evaporation;
  • As the water vapour cools, it forms droplets which is called condensation;
  • The tiny water droplets form clouds and begin to grow;
  • The water droplets in the clouds become heavy and fall from the sky onto the earth’s surface as rain, snow, or hail. This is called precipitation;
  • Rivers, lakes, and oceans collect the fallen water and the cycle begins again.



  • We made this stop-motion by scrunching up tissue paper to craft our own sun and clouds.

  • The background was painted on cardboard.
  • The ocean waves were two cut-out strips of blue cardstock.

  • The mountains were made from slightly scrunched green tissue paper cut into triangles.
  • The water and the rain were hand-drawn and coloured in with crayon.

The stop-motion and graphics were edited in Final Cut Pro.


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  1. Shared this on Pinterest – I studied Biology at Uni. This is a simple and great animation .

    Thank you.

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