Party Hat with a Peony Flower

In this video, I show you how to make this pretty party hat with a paper peony flower. Download the party hat and the peony flower templates and cut them out; the hat comes first and then the flower. 
This party hat is perfect for any special occasion from birthdays and hen parties to Christmas.

3D Paper Christmas Tree

Here is a great way for the kids to make their very own special 3D Christmas tree decoration. Print out the tree template, cut out six paper trees, and stick them together. It’€™s that easy!

Paper Christmas Tree

Make this sweet paper Christmas tree for your next Christmas craft project. All you need is our free printable template, strips of paper, and glue. It is that simple!

Paper Christmas Tree

This multicoloured Christmas Tree is a quick and easy craft for Christmas. Print out the tree templates, cut out different-coloured paper, and glue them together to make this brightly coloured Christmas tree.

Paper Snowman (free template)

Print out and colour this cute paper Snowman. Add glue to the bottom fold to make him stand by himself. He makes an excellent paper puppet or a fantastic Christmas decoration!

Paper Christmas Tree

Try this fun paper folding activity and transform a triangle into a Christmas tree! We decorated our tree with different coloured dots made from paper. Watch the video to see how we made the tree.

Scandinavian Gnome Puppet

Here is a fun and easy project for the kids to make. All you need to do is print out the template and assemble the pieces to make this quirky Christmas gnome.