Slug Sew a Softie

Feeling a bit sluggish today? While a slug may not be the cutest animal to make a soft toy from, this one was a big hit with my daughter.
We are very excited to be part of this sew-a-softie series. Every day for the rest of the July, there will be one or more softie tutorials posted on the sew-a-softie Facebook page and on Instagram.

Burrowing Sea Anemones

We were exploring our local rock pool and discovered these fascinating burrowing sea anemones. When you touch the centre of the anemone, it quickly closes up! SNAP! We collected some seashells from our adventure and went home to make our own burrowing sea anemones.

Rope Worm

We had some rope cuts-offs and I suggested to Chloe that we wrap some wool around the rope and see what we come up with! We started off making a snake, which turned into a worm.

Tissue Paper Chicken

Its time to get crafty! Make this cute tissue paper chicken for your next spring craft project. Watch the video to see how we made the chicken.

Ladybug Sewing Card

Make your own sewing card; this post also includes a free ladybug template. Materials: Ladybug Template Cardboard Paint Yarn Sewing needle Googly eye Glue Scissors […]

Cardboard Chicken

Make this sweet little cardboard chick. Not only is this just a sewing card, but there is also painting, cutting and glueing involved in this activity.