Toilet Roll Peacock

Toilet Roll Peacock


We love toilet-roll crafts and has to be one of my favourites! Follow the instructions below to see how easy and simple it is to make this gorgeous peacock.

What you need:

Toilet roll


2 Googly eyes

hot glue

Yellow paper

Green paint

Blue paint

Yellow paint

Paint brushes




  • Cut a toilet roll into six rings. One ring needs to be 2cm wide and the other five rings need to be 1.5cm wide.
  • Shape and arrange the five smaller rings with the ends together.
  • Glue the larger ring onto four of the smaller rings with hot glue.
  • Glue in the last ring by slipping it into the top and in between the two top rings.



  • Paint the rings green.
  • Paint the body blue.
  • When the green paint has dried, dab on the yellow spots.
  • When the yellow spots have dried, dab on the purple spots with a smaller paintbrush.
  • Draw and cut out a small diamond shape.
  • Fold the diamond in half.
  • Glue on the beak and googly eyes




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