Tissue Paper Christmas Tree

Tissue Paper Christmas Tree

It’s the season to be crafty! My kids keep asking me when are we putting up the Christmas tree even though it’s still only early November. I compromised with them and suggested that we make Christmas decorations now for this year’s Christmas tree, and then we’ll be ready to decorate the tree when we set it up in December. 


Green tissue paper
cardboard Christmas tree
Hot glue and glue gun
Brown paint
Pipe cleaners

Let’s Make the tree!

    • Cut out a tree from cardboard.

    • Paint the trunk with brown paint.

    • Scrunch small pieces of tissue paper into different sized balls.

    • Glue the tissue paper balls onto the tree.

    • Glue the tree and the trunk together.

    • Wrap the pipe cleaners around the tree.

  • Secure the ends of the pipe cleaners with hot glue.
  • Glue on the sequins.

I hope you like our tissue paper Christmas tree and enjoy making one for Christmas!

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