Seahorse Softie

Seahorse Softie


July is Sew a Softie month and over the next few weeks, bloggers from around the world will share their Sew a Softie tutorials. Check out the other bloggers at Sew-A-Softie Facebook page and become inspired to make one project with your child. Maybe your children will also become inspired to make their own softies.

Download the pattern here!

What you need:
Seahorse pattern
30 cm x 22 cm Pink Felt
20 cm x 20 cm Yellow Felt
Orange sewing thread
Fabric Glue
Polyester fibrefill


  • Print and cut out the seahorse pattern.



  • Pin the pattern onto your felt.
  • Cut out the pieces of felt.


  • Pin the dorsal fin together and sew two parallel lines from the base to the end of the fins.
  • Pin one yellow stomach to one pink seahorse and sew a row of horizontal lines onto the yellow felt.

  • Do the same to the other seahorse.
  • Glue the eyes together.

  • Sew or glue the eyes onto the seahorse.
  • Place the coronet and dorsal fin in their positions and pin the front and back together.

  • Starting from the base of the coronet, sew up along the seahorse’€™s head.
  • Once you have passed the coronet, change your stitch to a blanket stitch and sew all the way around the seahorse until you reach the base of the dorsal fin.

  • Change your sewing stitch to a plain stitch and sew along the dorsal fin.
  • There should be an opening from the tip of the dorsal fin to the base of the coronet.
  • Stuff with polyester fiberfill, then sew the gap closed with a blanket stitch.

I hope you will love making our seahorse!


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  1. How sweet is this seahorse! I love the color combo and the video is just too cute! 🙂 Lisa

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