Scissor practices for preschoolers: Yarn play dough person

Scissor practices for preschoolers: Yarn play dough person

Over the past few weeks, we have been doing lots of scissors practice with paper, so I thought I would try something different and make this yarn play dough person for Chloe to cut.


The main aim of this activity is to help with cutting and developing fine motor skills.


First, roll the play dough into a ball. 
Push two googly eyes into the play dough to make the face. 
I had some leftover yarn that was already cut into different lengths, so I sorted the yarn into a long ponytail.

Tie the ponytail together at one end and trim that end so that the yarn is even. 
Make a hole on the top of the play dough head, and squish the yarn ponytail into the hole. 
Squish the play dough around the yarn so the ponytail will not come out.

Now it’s time for your preschooler to start cutting. Encourage your child to pull the strands of yarn apart and cut each strand of yarn.


Chloe really enjoyed this scissors activity. I think she liked using her scissors on a different texture other than paper. At the end of the yarn activity, I encouraged her to cut into the play dough as well.


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