Potato Masher Sea Creatures

Potato Masher Sea Creatures

My daughter and I were making all sorts of patterns with paint and a potato masher. We made so many that I decided to make some sea creatures out of some of the ones my daughter made.


The first print was a fish made with just one stamp of the potato masher. The other patterns were made by stamping the potato masher in different directions in one spot to make crisscross and grid-like patterns.

  • For the fish, I made a paper eye and stuck it onto the fish with glue. I drew a top and bottom fin and a fishtail from yellow paper and stuck them onto the fish’Β’s body with glue.
  • The stingray is the easiest to make. I cut out two paper eyes and glued them onto the grid-patterned shape. I drew a sting tail onto red paper and glued that to the bottom of the stingray.

  • The crab is a little harder to make and involves a lot of drawing and cutting out of the shapes. You will need to make two paper eyes and two rectangles, six long, thin rectangles for the legs, two thicker rectangles for the pincers, and two circular pincers.
  • Glue the eyes onto the two rectangles and glue to front of the crab. To make the pincers, glue the circular pincers onto two rectangles and glue them to the crab’s body near the eyes.
  • To make the legs, glue three rectangles to one side of the crab and glue the other three legs to the opposite side of the crab. I made a fold near the middle of each leg to make the legs bend up.

Now you are finished, I hope you enjoy making this craft!

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