Peg Dragonflies

Peg Dragonflies


This is a very quick kids activity that kids can make themselves. Better still, all the stuff you need you most likely have at home.

What you need:
Craft paint
Wooden clothes peg
Popsicle/icy pole sticks
glue (optional)


Paint the popsicle sticks; front, back and sides and allow to dry.


Paint all the peg ensuring all the visible surfaces are covered. Allow to dry.


Once the paint is dry, criss-cross the popsicle sticks, hold the peg open,
and place the crossed popsicles on the clampy bit of the peg. The peg should
hold the popsicle sticks firmly.

If the kids keep undoing the peg and you’re getting sick of clamping the
popsicle sticks back in, you can dab some hot glue on the peg to keep it
stuck firmly.

I didn’t think of this till after I’d filmed the tutorial, that the kids
could glue or paint some eyes on the dragon fly. Oh, well. Next time. It
would look great, though.

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