Paper Unicorn

Paper Unicorn

If you love anything to do with unicorns, this craft is for you. Download our simple unicorn template and follow our easy instructions to make this beautiful unicorn.

what you need:
Coloured paper
Pink cardboard
Felt pens
Download Unicorn template here!Β 

  • Print out the unicorn template.

  • Colour in the unicorn horn with a felt pen.

  • Cut out all the unicorn shapes.

  • Glue the unicorn’s head, eyes, and snout onto a piece of coloured cardboard.

  • Cut different lengths and widths of coloured paper strips.
  • Curl the coloured paper around a pen to make the paper strips coil up.

  • Glue the coiled strips of paper to the front of the unicorn’s head.

  • Glue on the right ear, the horn, and the left ear.


  • Add the rest of the paper strips along the neck of the unicorn.

  • Fold down the paper strips so the mane flows around the unicorn’€™s head and neck.

Isn’t this just a fabulous craft? Let me know if you have made one. I would love to see it!


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