Paper Unicorn Puppet

Paper Unicorn Puppet

Do you love unicorns? We do! This is a fun project for making your own unicorn puppet. You can even slip it on your wrist and move the unicorn’s head from side to side.
Download the template here.

What you need:
Unicorn Template
Thick white paper


  • Print and cut out all the unicorn pieces.

  • Glue the edge of the rectangle to make a circle.

  • Pierce a small hole in the circle and on the blank unicorn face.
  • Push the brad through the holes and join the blank unicorn face to the circle.

  • Add glue to the blank face and stick the other unicorn face onto the blank face.

  • Cut the small strips of coloured paper and coil them up.
  • Glue all the small strips together.

  • Glue the strips to the unicorn’s head.
  • Glue the horn on over the top of the coloured strips.

  • Glue the legs onto the front of the unicorn.
  • Cut up the longer coloured strips and coil them up.
  • Glue the strips together.
  • Glue them onto the back of the unicorn’s head.

I hope you enjoy making our unicorn puppet and let me know if you want me to make other paper puppets like this one!



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