Paper Towel Squid

Paper Towel Squid

What you need:
Squid Template Download template:
Paper towel
felt pen
Watercolour paint


  • Print out the template

  • Trace the squid outline from the template.
  • Paint a piece of paper towel with watercolour paint.

  • Add more watercolour paint to a second piece of paper towel.

  • Once the paper towel is completely dry, trace around the squid with a felt pen.

  • On the second painted paper towel, draw straight lines using the template as a guide.

  • Cut along the lines, leaving a 2cm gap at the top of the paper towel.

  • Roll up the tentacles using a pen.

  • Cut out the squid.

  • Glue on the eyes and draw on a mouth.

  • Stick the tentacles to the head of the squid.

  • Glue the squid onto a piece of cardboard.

Now you are finished!

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