Paper Straw Bracelet

Paper Straw Bracelet

Here is a fun and easy bracelet for kids to make themselves. All you will need are paper straws and embroidery thread. We made our paper straw ourselves, but you can use store-bought paper straws as well.

What you need:
Paper straws
Coloured paper
Wooden stick
Embroidery Thread
Felt pens

To make the paper straws:

  • Cut strips of paper 3cm x 30cm
  • Colour in the strips with felt pens
  • Add glue on one end and along one side of the paper.
  • Starting from the unglued corner, roll the paper up using a wooden craft stick.
  • Once the paper is completely rolled into a tube, slip it off the stick.
  • Allow the glue to dry completely before cutting the ends of the straw.
  • Cut the straws into 3cm lengths.

Now, to make the bracelet:

  • Cut embroidery thread 80cm long.
  • Fold in half and tie a loop.
  • Attach the loop with tape or a pin.

  • Thread one end of the thread through the straw, and then thread the opposite thread end through the opposite end of the straw.

  • Pull both ends of the thread so that the straw moves up to meet the loop.
  • Repeat these steps until you reach the desired length for the bracelet.

  • Tie a knot at the last paper straw to finish off the bracelet.

  • To wear the bracelet, thread one of the embroidery thread ends through the loop and tie a knot with the other embroidery thread end.
  • Trim off the excess thread.

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