Paper Sailboat Scene

Paper Sailboat Scene

Grab some blue cardboard and paper to make this easy paper boat scene.
What you need:
Blue cardboard
Blue paper
White paper
Felt pens

  • To make the waves, cut strips of blue paper into different widths and lengths.
  • Curl them up using a pen.

  • Add glue to the bottom half of the blue cardboard.
  • Attach the paper curls to make them look like rolling waves.

  • Cut a 15cm x 15cm paper square.

  • Fold it along the diagonal to make a triangle.
  • Open up the triangle.

  • Fold one corner up to the centre line.

  • Fold the other corner to the centre line.

  • Fold the bottom up towards the centre line so it is just touching the bottom of the two folded corners.


  • Cut out a boat shape.


  • Colour in the sails with felt pens.



  • Glue the boat to the bottom of the sails.


  • Glue the boat onto the sea scene (I attached the boat on top of one of the waves.)

And there you go, a fun little afternoon crafting project for the kids.













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