Paper Plate Flamingo

Paper Plate Flamingo

Create this fun, crafty paper plate flamingo—a great project for kids to make!


What you need:
1 paper plate
1 sheet of pink paper or card
2 sheets of tissue paper (pink and light pink)
1 googly eye
Sticky tape

First, draw the head and neck of your flamingo on a piece of card or thick paper.
Cut out the flamingo’s head.
Fold the paper plate in half.
Glue the paper plate together.
Draw the flamingo’s legs onto the pink card and cut out the legs.
Stick the googly eye onto the flamingo’s head with glue.
Tape the legs onto the back of the paper plate.
Tape the flamingo’s head to the back of the paper plate near the top.
Cut out small rectangles from the tissue paper.
Glue the tissue paper rectangles starting from the bottom of the plate and working your way up to the top.

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