How to Make Paper Flowers and Origami Flower Pots

How to Make Paper Flowers and Origami Flower Pots


Here is our second spring craft from our spring/ Easter series. These sweet flowers and flower pots are quite simple to make and they look fabulous as a spring decoration. Consider adding a mini Easter egg to make the flower pot the perfect Easter gift.

What you need: 
Hole punch
Coloured paper
Green plastic straw
Brown paper
8cm x 8cm paper for the flower pots


  • Hole punch a small paper circle;
  • Cut eight 5cm x 1cm paper strips;
  • Fold in half and glue the ends together;
  • Glue the petals to the edge of the paper circle;
  • Glue a green straw to the back of the flower;
  • Shred thin strips of brown paper and scrunch into balls – this will be used as the soil for the pot;

  •  Fold the paper diagonally.
  • Fold the bottom right corner to the left edge.
  • Fold the bottom left edge to the right edge.
  • Tuck the flaps into the cup.

Assemble the flower and flower pot:

  • Add a ball of play dough inside the origami pot so the pot will sit upright;
  • Stand the flower into the playdough ball;
  • Fill the pot with the scrunched up paper.

How sweet are these flower pots?

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