How to make easy Minion hats

How to make easy Minion hats

We just saw the new Minions movie, and the kids love it! My little minions wanted to make some minion-inspired crafts, so I came up with these quick paper plate Minion hats.

There is not much to this craft, which makes it a quick and enjoyable craft for kids.


In this tutorial, we will be making Bob, Kevin, and Stuart. 
To start off, you need three paper plates.


Paint both sides of the plates yellow.

Once the plates are completely dry, cut around the centre of the plate to make a headband. Leave a 10cm uncut section to create the hinge.

I created the minion’s faces using drawing software on my computer and printed them out. The faces can be hand drawn—it’s up to you!


Cut out the faces and glue them to the centre circle of the plate.
Push up the centre so the face sits upright.

The Minion hats are now ready to wear! I can see so many uses for this craft, from a dress-up hat to a quick and easy hat for a Minion-themed party.


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