How to Make a Snake Bubble Maker

How to Make a  Snake Bubble Maker

I was really surprised how well this bubble maker worked, not only was it easy for my three-year-old to blow bubbles, but she could make the bubbles into a long snake.


What you will need:

Soft drink bottle.

Scissors or an art knife.

T-shirt fabric.

One rubber band

Bubble solution.

1.  Cut the bottom off the plastic bottle

2. Cut a circle in your piece of fabric ( the fabric circle must be larger than the hole in the bottom of the bottle). 

3. Place the fabric over the bottom of the bottle.

4.  Secure with a rubber band.

5. Add some dishwashing liquid and water in a dish.

6. Dip your bubble maker into the detergent.

7. Gently blow at the top of the bottle and the snake bubbles will start to form at the bottom of the bottle.

See who can make the longest bubble snakes! You can also add food colouring to the bubble mixture to make coloured bubble snakes.

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