How to Make a Ladybird Puppet

How to Make a Ladybird Puppet


In this project, we make an awesome ladybird hand puppet. This is a very simple project that kids will enjoy making and a free template is included. Watch the video or follow the instructions below.
Let’s begin!

What you need:

Ladybird Template Download Template Here!
Black construction paper (letter size / A4 size)


  • Fold an A3 sheet of black construction paper into thirds lengthways.
  • Fold the paper again in half. Then open up the paper and fold each end towards the centre fold.
  • Next, fold the paper in half in the opposite direction.


  • Tape the finger holes.
  • Download and print out the ladybird template.
  • Cut out the wings and eyes.
  • Glue on the eyes.
  • Glue on the wings.


Now, place your fingers in the finger holes and bring your ladybird puppet to life!
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