How to Make a Jellyfish from Craft Sticks

How to Make a Jellyfish from Craft Sticks


I was thinking about making a jellyfish from crafts sticks and gave it a go. I attempted so many different versions, using a bunch of different materials, but the characters I was creating just wouldn’’t look like jellyfish! Then I had a breakthrough! Why didn’t I bend the craft stick!  So, I tried it out and successfully transformed the bendy sticks into jellyfish. You can see how I made these jellyfish by watching my video or following the written instruction below.


5 Wooden craft sticks
Hot glue
Paint brush
Googly eyes

How to Make a Jellyfish from Craft Sticks:

  • Soak the craft sticks overnight.
  • •Bend carefully into a semicircle and place in a mug to mold the shape and leave overnight to dry.
  • Once the sick has dried, it is ready to paint.
  • Also, paint a few straight sticks as they will be used for the legs and the bottom of the jellyfish.
  • Cut the straight sticks into five legs.
  • Measure 6 cm along one stick and cut it to length.
  • Hot glue the sides of the 6cm stick to the bottom of the bent stick.
  • Now glue on the five legs.
  • Add the two googly eyes, and you’re finished!


We plan to make heaps more characters from these crafts sticks, so please check out my Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and blog for more inspiration.

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