Halloween Finger Puppets

Halloween Finger Puppets


It seems to be a week for making puppets, and both kids are enjoying making them and building mini sets for them. All the material for this project I had around the home. The puppets consist of coloured foam sheets and felt sheets. If you don’t have these materials, you can just as easily use coloured cardboard or even paper.

What you will need:
Felt, foam and/or cardboard in:

Fabric glue or a hot glue gun
Hole punch
Black marker

Character patterns which you can download from Here!

To make the pumpkin
1. Cut out two pieces of orange felt.
2. Glue around the very edge leaving an opening at the bottom.
3. Stick the pieces together and allow to dry.
4. Cut out the black triangles for the eyes and glue onto the pumpkin to make a face.
5. Cut out and glue the zigzag mouth.

To make the Frankenstein
1. Trace around the pattern marked Frankenstein’s head on green foam.
2. With a hot glue gun, glue around the edge of the foam leaving the smaller end of the head as an opening.
3. Stick the two head pieces together.
4. Cut out Frankenstein’s hair and glue that at the top of the wider part of the head.
5. Use a hole punch to make two eyes in white and draw two black dots.
6, Glue the eyes on Frankenstein face.
7. Cut out the mouth and glue that on as well.

To Make the Bat
1. Cut out the pattern on black foam.
2. Glue around the edge of the bat leaving an opening at the bottom.
3. Join the two pieces of the bat together.
4. Hole punch two holes from the white foam and draw two black dots to make the eyes.
5. Cut out two red triangles to make the fangs and glue them onto the bat to finish the face.

To make the Ghost
1. Cut out two ghost pieces on white felt.
2. Glue around the edge, leaving the bottom open.
3. Glue the pieces together.
4. Hole punch two eyes with the white foam, glue onto the ghost and colour in two black dots for the eyes.
5. Cut out a black foam circle for the mouth
6. Glue on the mouth.

Allow all the puppets to dry completely before playing with them. You can download the finger puppet patterns from here.
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