Giant Star & Garland

Giant Star & Garland


Learn how to make this giant paper star and garland; the perfect Christmas activity to do with the kids.

To make the giant star you will need eight pieces of different coloured paper, 30cm square.
1. Fold each square in half diagonally to make a triangle.
2. Fold two corners towards the centre line to make a diamond shape.

To make the star:
1. On one side of the diamond use double sided sticky tape at the top and side.
2. Stick on the diamond as shown here in the video.
3. Continue sticking the diamonds together.
4. With the last diamond tuck in half of the diamond under the first diamond and allow the other side to overlap.
5. Stick together with tape.

To make the garland:
1. You will need eight pieces of paper, 7cm square, for each star.
2. Follow the same steps we did to make the giant star (If you watch the video again you can follow along)
3. Measure out the string to fit the area where you’ll be hanging your garland. This can be as long as you like.
4. Arrange the stars along the garland at regular and even intervals and tape the stars to the string.

Now your giant star and garland is ready to hang for Christmas.
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