Frozen- Inspired Suncatcher

Frozen- Inspired Suncatcher


Make this Frozen inspired Suncatcher, stick it on your bedroom window and watch the sun’s rays shine through the sparkly snowflake.

 What you will need:

A paper snowflake template

Art knife or scissors 


Contact paper


1. Cut out the snowflake template (I got my template from a Frozen colouring in the book). 

2. Colour in the snowflake with a blue felt tip pen.

3. Peel the backing paper on the contact back and attach the snowflake.

4. Add glue onto the snowflake and sprinkle the glitter over the glue.

5. Add more glitter to the centre of the snowflake and the diamond points of the snowflake.

6. Cut the contact around the snowflake, leaving a small edge of about 1cm, so it can be easily stuck to the window.

 Make heaps more and use them as Christmas decorations and even for a Frozenthemed birthday party. 

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