Fox Brooch

Fox Brooch

I’m becoming a bit of a Perler Bead geek! So for my next Perler Bead project I decided to make a brooch; something for me to wear and not for the kids, this time. I like foxes, so came up with this pattern.

You will need:

Perler or hama beads in brown, black and white.

Perler pegboard

Silicone baking paper


Wooden skewer (optional)

Brooch back

Glue and a glue gun


How to:

1. Follow the pattern from the image. I used the wooden skewer to place the beads on the peg board.

2. Once you’ve finished the design, place a sheet of silicon baking paper (ironing paper) over it

3. Using a low heat setting on the iron, gently iron over the paper for about ten seconds or until the beads are fused.

4. Allow the beads to cool, then remove the fox from the board.

5. Glue the brooch back onto the rear of the fox design and allow to dry.

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