Fabric Pom Pom Scarf

Fabric Pom Pom Scarf


For this project, I used 6 old t-shirts of various sizes to make 26 pom poms for a small scarf

  • First, cut the T-shirt just across the chest just under the arm seam
  • Cut 1.5 cm strips from the t-shirt from seam to seam
  • Stretch the strips

There are a number of ways and tools you can use to make the pom poms; I’ve used this pasta spoon because it’s easy.

  • Wind 3 t-shirt strips onto the pasta spoon
  • Thread another fabric strip through the holes of the pasta spoon, hold the both ends of the fabric strip and slide the fabric strips onto the single strip
  • Tie a knot to secure the strips and slip the pom pom off the spoon
  • Cut the pom pom and trim off any loose ends
  • With the left over fabric strips, plait 3 strips together and tie a knot at both ends
  • Thread a long piece of cotton thread through a needle, then, threading through the centre of each pom pom, attach them to your plaited band.
  • Do this for each pom pom
  • Once all the pom poms are secured attached, cut the end of the thread and knot it.


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