Drinking Straw Bracelet

Drinking Straw Bracelet

In this activity, we’re going to show you how to make these sweet drinking straw bracelets.


Plastic drinking straws
TapeT-shirt yarn

I got the kids to cut the straws into 1.5cm sections; we used about ten straws, but you may need more depending on the length you want your bracelet or how many you want to make.

While the kids were cutting up the straws, I cut an old t-shirt into strips and used the strips as yarn.
I folded one strip in half and taped the center to a table.Make a loop by crossing the strip at the taped center.

Thread one end of the strip through the straw, and then thread the opposite strip end through the opposite end of the straw. Pull both ends so that the straw moves up to meet the tape.Repeat these steps until you reach the desired length for the bracelet. To finish the bracelet, tie the ends together and trim the excess.

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Drinking Straw Bracelet

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  2. I teach 3 year olds in preschool . And I never thought of taping the end of string to table while they sting objects on 👏😁
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