DIY Headband

DIY Headband

This is the easiest DIY headband you will ever make! It’s made from a plastic headband and embroidery thread.


What you need:
Embroidery thread (yellow, pink, and white)
Plastic headband
Double-sided tape
Hot glue gun

The headband I’m using is from a kit that already had double-sided tape, but you can add double-sided tape to your headband.
Take a piece of pink embroidery thread and stick it to the double-sided tape on the inside of the headband. Start winding it around the headband from the bottom up. I made the color strips about 3.5 cm in length.

To add another color, tie the two threads together and cut off the lose ends. Try and keep the knots you’ve made on the inside of the headband to make it neat.

Keep winding the thread around the headband.

To finish, I used a hot glue gun on the inside of the headband to glue the thread to the headband. I also glued the other side.

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