Cardboard Tube Snail

Cardboard Tube Snail


This has to be one of my favourite crafts this year! These snails are so cool and my kids just loved making them, so I hope you do as well.


What you need:
Cardboard Tube
Red paint
Yellow paper
Blue or Yellow cardstock
Black marker

  • Cut a 4cm ring from a cardboard tube.
  • Paint the ring with red paint and allow to dry.
  • Cut an arch shape for the snail’s head.
  • Glue on the paper eyes and mouth.
  • Stick the hand-drawn antennas to the top of the snail’s head.
  • Cut two strips of coloured paper 3cm x 30cm each. Taper one strip at the end.

  • Glue the two strips together.
  • Using a pen, roll up the strip of paper.
  • Fix the coiled paper through the cardboard tube, glue the coiled ring to the top of the cardboard tube, and add a dab of glue to the bottom of the coil where the snail’s tail pops out from underneath the tube.

Yay! Your snail is now complete!

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