Cardboard Tube Ladybug

Cardboard Tube Ladybug

What you need:
Cardboard tube
Black paint
Red cardboard
Black cardboard
Black marker

  • Cut a 4cm ring from a cardboard tube.
  • Paint the ring with black paint and allow to dry.
  • Draw a 6cm circle on red cardboard.

  • Cut out the circle.
  • Fold the circle in half.
  • Cut on the fold line.
  • Glue the wings together.

  • Draw or glue black circles onto the wings.
  • Cut an arch shape for the ladybug’s head.
  • Glue on the paper

  • Stick the hand-drawn antennas to the top of the ladybug’s head.
  • Glue on the paper mouth.

  • Glue the body to the side of the cardboard roll.
  • Stick the wings to the top of the cardboard tube.

Now the ladybug is complete!

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