3D Paper Octopus

3D Paper Octopus

If you like cutting and pasting, this is the craft for you! This 3d picture would be a great project for any sea-themed craft ideas.

What you need:
Download template here!
Blue paper
Purple paper
White paper
Felt pen

  • First, download the free octopus template.
  • Print out the template.
  • For the waves, print the pattern onto blue paper.
  • Paint or colour in the octopus.

  • Cut out the blue waves.
  • Glue the first three waves onto some purple A4 paper.
  • Cut out the octopus.
  • Glue on all eight tentacles.

  • Glue the octopus on over the tentacles.
  • Glue on the last two waves to finish your 3d picture.

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