Minecraft Creeper Cakes

Minecraft Creeper Cakes


There are so many creative ideas for Kids Birthday Cakes on the internet. I’m not a cake decorator, I have very little skill in this area but I wanted to give it a go to show you that even if you do not possess skills of a professional cake decorator you can actually make something that your child will be excited about.

My son wanted a Creeper cake for his party ARRGGGHHHHH! After hours of trawling through Pinterest, I decided to think outside the blocks and make something I could do. Here is my attempt at a Minecraft Creeper cake.

If you’d like to watch the video click here:

What you need:

Chocolate cake (packet mix or made from scratch)
Liquorice Allsorts

Royal Icing:

1 egg white
250g Icing sugar sifted
Green food dye
Piping bag

Rectangle cake tin
Electric beaters

Let’s make the Creeper!
Once you have baked your cake in a rectangle cake tin allow the cake to cool completely.

Cut the cake into squares.

Cut the liquorice into small squares, small rectangles and thinner rectangles

Royal Icing (A hacks version)

Beat the egg white gradually adding the icing sugar.
Continue to beat until you achieve your desired consistency.

Note I made mine too thick, I then made a thiner version, and it was too runny. I just couldn’t win with the icing and trying to film this tutorial by myself!

Add green food dye a little bit at a time to get the correct colour.

Spoon the icing sugar into the piping bag.

Pipe around the edge of the piece of cake, then fill inside the square with the icing sugar. lightly tap the piece of cake so the icing smooths out. This didn’t happen for me so I had to spread and smooth the icing.

Allow the icing to set just a little.

Add the liquorice pieces to make the Creeper shape. I used a skewer to move them into place. Gently press the liquorice pieces to help them stick.

Allow the cake icing to set completely before serving, or presenting as the birthday cake.


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