Tissue Paper Flowers

The kids love making lots of different cool spiral pictures with the Spirograph kit we got a while ago. We decided to cut out the spiral pictures and turn them into these pretty tissue paper flowers.

Dragonfly Finger Puppet

We love making puppets and we hope you like making them as well. Here is our delightful dragonfly finger puppet which we made out of thick paper for durability. Print out our free template and watch the video or view our picture tutorial to see how we make the dragonfly.

How to Make a Butterfly Finger Puppet

In this tutorial, we show you how to make this beautiful butterfly finger puppet! Colour in your own butterfly or print out an already-coloured one; it’s up to you. The free template is available Here!

Cotton Wool Ghost

This is a great craft project for toddlers through primary school-aged children. All you will need is my free printout, glue, and cotton wool.

Painted Rock Ghosts

I took the kids out beachcombing for some smooth rocks that would be easy for them to paint on. We painted our rocks white, and while they were drying, I printed out the ghost face template which can be downloaded for free at makefilmplay.com.
Watch the video or follow our step-by-step picture tutorial to see how we made these ghost rocks.

The Natural Water Cycle

Watch this animation to understand how the natural water cycle works. The sun heats water in rivers, lakes, and oceans; This creates water vapour and […]