Make This Duck Puppet from a Cardboard Tube

My son introduced me to this animation called “The Duck Song”, and I had the song stuck in my head for days. It’s also school holidays here, so I made this duck craft with my kids and now the kids are singing the duck song with the puppets they made! Watch the video to see how we put the duck together.

Mosaic Pumpkin Picture

We are in full swing with our Halloween crafts and in this video, my daughter shows you how to make an easy mosaic pumpkin. We outlined the pumpkin details with black glue;

Turkey Finger Puppet

Here is a great fall craft for the kids to make. Download our free template, colour in the turkey, cut it out, and stick it together to make a finger puppet. Watch the video or follow our step-by-step picture tutorial.

Tissue Paper Lantern

Create this easy lantern out of a glass jar, glue, and tissue paper – it’s that easy! Watch the video to see how we made this lantern or follow the step-by-step picture tutorial.

Crayon Rubbing Art

Place our free leaf printable over a textured surface and start colouring in the leaves with crayons. Try out different surfaces, patterns, and textures to achieve a variety of results. Cut out the textured leaves and glue them onto some brown cardboard.