Slug Sew a Softie

Feeling a bit sluggish today? While a slug may not be the cutest animal to make a soft toy from, this one was a big hit with my daughter.
We are very excited to be part of this sew-a-softie series. Every day for the rest of the July, there will be one or more softie tutorials posted on the sew-a-softie Facebook page and on Instagram.

Ladybug Sewing Card

Make your own sewing card; this post also includes a free ladybug template. Materials: Ladybug Template Cardboard Paint Yarn Sewing needle Googly eye Glue Scissors […]

Paper flowers + free template

Make these pretty paper flowers with the free printable template that can be used in Cricut Design Space or cut out by hand. These flowers are the perfect size for a gift topper or pretty as home decor.

Paper Rose Template

These roses are so easy to make and they look great as part of a bridal bouquet, as a party decoration, as a gift for Valentine’s Day, or even as a sweet Mother’s Day gift. In this video tutorial, I have also included the spiral template.

Party Hat with a Peony Flower

In this video, I show you how to make this pretty party hat with a paper peony flower. Download the party hat and the peony flower templates and cut them out; the hat comes first and then the flower. 
This party hat is perfect for any special occasion from birthdays and hen parties to Christmas.

Santa Puppet

This project is a cute paper Santa puppet for the kids to make and play with! Download the free Santa template and watch the step-by-step video to see how we put the puppet together.

Paper Christmas Tree

Colour in this Christmas tree for your next super easy Christmas craft project. Download the free template and watch the video for full instructions. Materials: […]

Flying Bat Craft

Here is a fun Halloween craft to make with the kids. Download the free template and watch the video to see how we assembled the bat. Then, take your bat outside for a fun flight in the breeze!