Paper Christmas Tree

This multicoloured Christmas Tree is a quick and easy craft for Christmas. Print out the tree templates, cut out different-coloured paper, and glue them together to make this brightly coloured Christmas tree.

Paper Snowman (free template)

Print out and colour this cute paper Snowman. Add glue to the bottom fold to make him stand by himself. He makes an excellent paper puppet or a fantastic Christmas decoration!

Scandinavian Gnome Puppet

Here is a fun and easy project for the kids to make. All you need to do is print out the template and assemble the pieces to make this quirky Christmas gnome.

Christmas Bauble Dot Painting

Here is a cute and easy Christmas craft that is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. Download the free template and follow the video instructions to see how we did it!

Santa Puppet

This project is a cute paper Santa puppet for the kids to make and play with! Download the free Santa template and watch the step-by-step video to see how we put the puppet together.

Christmas Tree Dot Painting

Try this fun activity of painting this Christmas tree using paint and cotton buds. Download the free template and watch the video to see how to make the Christmas tree.

Paper Christmas Tree

Colour in this Christmas tree for your next super easy Christmas craft project. Download the free template and watch the video for full instructions. Materials: […]

Paper Mosaic Elf

Make this cute elf mosaic by tearing up multi-coloured pieces of paper and gluing them onto the elf picture. I have included a free template […]