Unicorn Valentine’s Day Card

To make this sweet unicorn card, just download our free printable. Watch our video to see how easy it is to assemble the card. Once assembled, give your card to your sweet valentine!

Paper Rose Template

These roses are so easy to make and they look great as part of a bridal bouquet, as a party decoration, as a gift for Valentine’s Day, or even as a sweet Mother’s Day gift. In this video tutorial, I have also included the spiral template.

Fall Leaf Painting

We made these leaves by dipping cotton tips into the paint and dotting it onto the paper leaves.
Making these simple leaves would be a great toddler or preschool activity.

Tissue Paper Flowers

The kids love making lots of different cool spiral pictures with the Spirograph kit we got a while ago. We decided to cut out the spiral pictures and turn them into these pretty tissue paper flowers.