Kids Crafts

Scandinavian Gnome Picture

This gnome is great fun and super simple to make for your next Christmas craft project. Download our template, cut out the shapes, and stick them onto a piece of card stock. Roll up the paper to make a curly gnome beard.

Flying Bat Craft

Here is a fun Halloween craft to make with the kids. Download the free template and watch the video to see how we assembled the bat. Then, take your bat outside for a fun flight in the breeze!

Floating Paper Ghost

This floating paper ghost is a fun and exciting craft activity to make for this coming Halloween. If this craft looks familiar to you, it’s because it is an adaptation from our previous craft paper ghost picture. Follow the video instructions to see how easy it is to put together.

Make This Duck Puppet from a Cardboard Tube

My son introduced me to this animation called “The Duck Song”, and I had the song stuck in my head for days. It’s also school holidays here, so I made this duck craft with my kids and now the kids are singing the duck song with the puppets they made! Watch the video to see how we put the duck together.

Paper Cup Ghost

Make this easy ghost for a great Halloween crafts activity. All you need is a paper cup, tissue paper, black marker, string, and glue. Watch the video to see how we assembled the ghost.