Scandinavian Christmas Gnome



I enjoyed making this cute and eccentric Christmas decoration, and have my gnome sitting proudly displayed on my mantelpiece. My post is part of the Sew a Softie for Christmas project held by Trixi over at Coloured Buttons.

Download Pattern here!

What you will need:
One piece of red felt and one piece of grey felt
Wool or faux fur
Sewing needle
Red and black embroidery thread
Bead (for nose)
Hot glue and glue gun
Polyester filling

To Make the Gnome:

1. Draft and cut out the patterns.

2. Pin the patterns to the fabric and cut them out.

3. Pin the body together and blanket stitch the side seams.


4. Pin the base to the bottom of the body and sew them together.



5. Stuff the body with polyester filling (add filing through the top opening of the body).


6. Sew along the top of the body.


7. Make a cone shape with the hat, then pin and sew it together along the fold.





8. Edge stitch along the base of the hat with black thread.


9. Loop the wool together, then tie off the top.

10. Cut the loops at the bottom.

11. Unravel the wool strands to create a beard.


12. Glue on the beard.


13. Attach the nose bead with hot glue.


14. Affix the hat to the gnome’s body with hot glue.


This would be a great project for kids to make; it’s a quick and easy sewing project for a family Christmas craft.
I could easily enjoy making a gnome village!


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      1. Can you let me know as well, I have tried several times to draft the body an hat, but can’t seem to get them right.

        Thank you

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