How to Make a Paper Cup Crab

These paper cup crabs are so fun and super easy to make. Their googly eyes give them heaps of character and they animate well. This craft would be a great project for any sea-themed educational project or just a fun summer activity for kids.

What you need:
Paper cups
Red card stock
Googly eyes
Black paper
Red Paint
Paint brush

Start out by drawing and cutting eight legs on the paper cup.
Next, flatten out the legs.
Paint both sides of the paper cup red and allow to dry.
Draw two eyes on some red cardboard and cut them out.
Glue the googly eyes onto the red cardboard eyes.
Draw two pincers on some red cardboard and cut them out. 
Glue the pincers onto the front two legs of the crab.
Glue the two red eyes near the top of the cup.
Draw a black mouth and stick that underneath the eyes. 

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