Caterpillers Stop Motion – inspired by Live, Imagine, Draw sketchbook

This stop motion animation project took its inspiration from an art journal Live, Imagine, Draw. The page we chose made an excellent background and provided both characters and setting by way of the prompt, “Draw some caterpillars in this meadow.”

I asked my son what he thought the caterpillars should do in this stop motion. “That’s obvious!” he said. “They are going to chomp through the page.” Brilliant! Storyline sorted.

The next step was to draw the caterpillars. We chose two caterpillars to outline and colour. Each caterpillar needed to be drawn in four different positions to make it appear to be moving in the stop motion.

We stuck the book to the table with Blu-Tak® so we didn’t get any unwanted movement of the set while we were making the animation.

My son moved the caterpillars and varied the movements to make the caterpillers appear to be climbing the plant stems. I tore the paper into small pieces and handled the filming.

We were very happy with the way tearing paper looked in the film. The project also provided an excellent fine-motor skill exercise for a young child. Finishing the animation did, however, require a lot of patience and commitment.

I have included some behind-the-scene photos of our process.




caterpillers-stop-motion-%c2%96-inspired-by-live-imagine-draw-sketchbook-004 caterpillers-stop-motion-%c2%96-inspired-by-live-imagine-draw-sketchbook-001

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