How to Make a Jellyfish from Craft Sticks

I was thinking about making a jellyfish from crafts sticks and gave it a go. I attempted so many different versions, using a bunch of different materials, but the characters I was creating just wouldn’’t look like jellyfish! Then I had a breakthrough! Why didn’t I bend the craft stick!  So, I tried it out […]

How to Make This Koala Finger Puppet With a Free Template

This cute homemade koala finger puppet is a quick and easy craft for kids to make and a fun toy for them to play with later. Start by printing the free template on some cardstock. Next, colour the koala in and then cut it out. Glue the koala’s face together, then turn it over and […]

How to Make a Paper Cup Crab

These paper cup crabs are so fun and super easy to make. Their googly eyes give them heaps of character and they animate well. This craft would be a great project for any sea-themed educational project or just a fun summer activity for kids. What you need: Paper cups Red card stock Googly eyes Scissors […]

How to make this simple paper Lion

These instructions are for how to make a simple paper lion. This lion is a movable puppet, its head able to move from side to side. This craft involves paper cutting, painting, and glueing and is easy enough for your child to make. However, an adult will need to push the brad through the paper […]

How to Make a Paper Snake

Here is a craft that takes me back to my own schooling when we made lots of accordion-folded craft projects. This simple and effective style of craft lends itself well to stop motion. What you need: 4 sheets of different coloured paper Glue Pencil Black sharpie Scissors Pink paper White paper Red paper Start out […]

Caterpillers Stop Motion – inspired by Live, Imagine, Draw sketchbook

🔊Here is our stop motion animation. I have included some behind-the-scene photos of our process on the blog (link in the bio). #stopmotionforkids #artjournaling #stopmotion #stopmotionanimation #journaling #journal #drawing #kidsdrawing #kidsjournal #caterpillar #crafts A post shared by Elisa Allen (@makefilmplay) on May 22, 2017 at 7:06pm PDT This stop motion animation project took its inspiration […]

Fork Painting

A great craft for kids, and one even toddlers can enjoy, is fork painting. Set your kids up with paint, plastic forks and heaps of paper and let them go for it! My eldest child made flowers and they look awesome enough to put in a frame for hanging and display. My toddler enjoyed dabbing, […]

Making Play-Doh Puppets

Play-Doh is one of my favourite things to use to make stop-motion puppets. This time I used a plastic ball container as the base of my puppet and built the Play-Doh around the ball to make my character. I used tape and Blu-Tack as the hinge for the mouth so it would open and close.