Ripping Paper Stop Motion

This is a fun and easy stop-motion project to try out for a beginner animator. Don’t forget to watch the animation at the end— I’’ve included a behind-the-scenes look at how I made this stop motion. You will need nine pieces of coloured paper and a pink paper monster. Staple the nine pieces of paper […]


Bug Cupcakes

These cupcakes are ideal for any bug or outdoor themed kids birthday party. Or just for kids who like bugs! When we made these cute bug cupcakes I got Josh to make the bugs’ bodies with the smarties and I gave the eyes and legs a go with an icing writing tube. What you need: […]


Heart Garland

In this video, we show you how to make this simple felt heart garland. What you will need: Coloured felt Scissors Cotton thread Sewing machine Paper heart template


Fox Mask Pattern

This project is super easy for the kids to make! This cute handmade fox mask has a free pattern to download from here! The mask is great for dress ups, perfect as a gift or as a party favour. It can also work as a party art and craft activity and if you are stuck […]


How to make Paper Bunny Puppets for Easter

Here is a little animation the kids and I made together. I hope you like it! Let’s Make the Bunnies! Download the bunny template here! – Print out your bunny using coloured paper (or colour it in yourself). – Cut out the bunny pieces. – Glue the strips together to make two loops. – Join […]


Felt Finger Puppet

Make this cute chicken finger-puppet with this easy-to-follow tutorial. What you will need: Felt: yellow, orange, and white Two googly eyes Needle and yellow thread Hot glue gun Cut out two chicken shapes in the yellow felt, and the beak in the white felt, and two wings in the orange felt. On the front piece […]


How to Make Jake the Dog from Adventure Time

In this video, we are making Jake the Dog from Adventure Time. He is really easy to make, all you will need is a hand drawn face of Jake on paper, one pipe cleaner, one Kinder Surprise egg, Scissors, Glue, and a skewer. Please subscribe to our Channel and also like and leave a comment, […]

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How to Make Puff Paint

In this tutorial, Josh will show you how to make puff paint. What you need: Shaving Cream Paint (red & blue) School glue 1. Squeeze glue into a mixing bowl. 2. Add the shaving cream. 3. Mix it all together. 4. Separate the mixture into bowls. 5. Add paint (any colour you want!) 6. Start […]


Frozen-Inspired Playdough (no cook recipe)

This is such a simple and easy playdough recipe to make! Add some blue food colouring and lots of glitter, and you’re ready for your next inspired creation.  To make the playdough you will need 1 tbsp silver glitter 4 cups plain flour 1 1/2 cups of salt 2 tbsp cooking oil  1 cup water […]