Alien Boppers

In this video we are going to make Alien Boppers. The boppers are a great accessory for a Halloween costume or a Birthday Party. What you will need: Headband Two ping pong balls Two slinkies, Two googly eyes Glue gun 1. Glue on the googly eyes to the ping pong balls, hold until the glue […]

Bat Finger Puppet

We decided to make another version of our original bat finger puppet for Halloween. The body of the puppet is an origami cup which will require some easy origami folding, but the rest of the bat is a free downloaded template. To make a bat finger puppet, follow these easy instructions. You will need: Black […]

Candy Filled Witches Hats

These candy treats are very simple and super quick and fun for the kids to make! What you need: Ice cream cones Cooking chocolate Smarties Wagon Wheel Biscuits Have a parent or other responsible adult melt the cooking chocolate. Then dip the ice cream cone into the melted chocolate, just enough to coat the top […]

Halloween Bunting

First of all download this template from here and cut out the shapes. Trace around the flag template and cut out five pieces. Fold the top of the flag along the dotted line, then glue the Halloween shapes onto the front of the flags. Measure out the string to fit the area you’ll be hanging […]

How to Make a Bat Puppet for Halloween

My kids love making puppets and we thought it would be fun to make a bat puppet for Halloween. I have provided a printable cut-out template that includes the bat’s eyes, fangs, tongue, and wings. However, you can also draw your own of any of the parts and attach them to the puppet. Watch the […]

How to Make a Ladybird Puppet

In this project, we make an awesome ladybird hand puppet. This is a very simple project that kids will enjoy making and a free template is included. Watch the video or follow the instructions below. Let’s begin! What you need: Ladybird Template Download Template Here! Black construction paper (letter size / A4 size) Glue scissors Tape […]

How to Make a Toilet Roll Cockatoo

This cheeky cockatoo is simple to make and its beak actually moves! We made the cockatoo as a stop motion puppet so, with the moving beak and detachable eyes, you can make him/her talk and look in different directions. And the materials are as basic as a toilet roll, paper, and cardboard. Let’s begin. What […]

2017 Sew a Softie Tutorial Roundup

  We were involved in Sew a Softie Month which was organised by Trixi From Colored Buttons. I have comprised a list of and the links to the sewing tutorials that were involved in this project. This list contains heaps of easy sewing projects and free patterns for you and your kids to try. Dachshund […]

Toilet Roll Peacock

We love toilet-roll crafts and has to be one of my favourites! Follow the instructions below to see how easy and simple it is to make this gorgeous peacock. What you need: Toilet roll Scissors 2 Googly eyes hot glue Yellow paper Green paint Blue paint Yellow paint Paint brushes     Cut a toilet roll […]

How to Make a Pom Pom Spider

In this video, we make a pom pom spider which you can use as a puppet for your next stop motion animation. Watch the video below to see how we put the spider together. Free template download here. Now, it is up to you to come up with your own story and bring your pom […]