How to Make frozen dinosaur eggs

Most of our little ones love all things dinosaur. You can surprise yours with a frozen dinosaur egg and they will be kept amused waiting for the dinosaur to appear. Older children may also like to construct the egg as a fun but possibly very wet activity. Video Tutorial  

Leaf Rubbing

This is a great craft to kick start the Autumn inspired craft projects with the kids. My little one is always collecting leaves when we go for a walk, so I decided to pick out the best leaves to work with for this project. What you will need: 2 to 3 sheets of white paper […]

DIY Beado Bowl

We have leftover beados, so we made these sweet bowls out of the beads. These are very easy to make, but you’ll need a lot of patience to get the beads to stick together while you are creating the bowls. What you need: Beados A lid or cup Wooden skewer Clear hobby glue Water spray […]

How to Make a Matchbox Toy Camera

We made this matchbox into a toy camera. We placed mini-photos inside the camera and gave them to friends as gifts. What you need: Matchbox Bottle cap white paint Blue paint Light blue paint Bead Black cardboard Yellow cardboard Silver pen Scissors Pencil Glue 1. Cover the matchbox with white paint. Allow to dry. 2. […]

Homemade Toothless Costume

This is my first Blog Hop, and I am really excited to be involved! The lovely Sarah from Ruffles & Rain Boots invited me to join in. Thanks, Sarah. I am teaming up with Jamie Dorobek and her handmade Halloween Costumes site where there are heaps of creative and easy costumes ideas. Along with my […]

How to Make a Toilet Roll Bat

Warning!!! This bat may bite! Cut the popsicle stick into three pieces. Glue them together like a fan. Paint the toilet roll black. Paint the popsicle wings black. Trace around the wings with cardboard, and cut them out. Glue the cardboard wings to the popsicle stick wings. When the paint is dry, fold the top of […]

How to Make this Pom Pom Owl for Halloween

This is a perfect Halloween craft for kids. What you need: A black pom pom for the owl’s body Black felt for the head and wings Yellow felt for the feet.for the feet. Orange cardboard for the eyes and small, black pieces of cardboard for the pupils Yellow cardboard for the beak Glue to put […]

Lego Stop Motion: Tutorial for “Walking Forward”

We have been making lots of stop motion animation lately and I thought that it would be good to do a series on basic animation techniques to help you make some cool stop motion for yourselves. In this video, we will look at how to make our Lego figurine walk forward. What you need: Lego […]