Woven Heart Basket

This is such a sweet craft to make for any occasion, like Easter, Mothers Day, or Christmas. We decided to make ours for Valentines day. This cute basket is made out of felt but you can also use thick paper. What you need: Basket Pattern: Woven Heart Basket Template.1 Felt Scissors Tailor’s chalk Art Knife […]

How to make easy Minion hats

We just saw the new Minions movie, and the kids love it! My little minions wanted to make some minion-inspired crafts, so I came up with these quick paper plate Minion hats. There is not much to this craft, which makes it a quick and enjoyable craft for kids. In this tutorial, we will be […]

Bubble-Print Wrapping Paper

Make your own original wrapping paper from household items! What you need: Dish Liquid Food colouring bubble wand Water White Paper To make the bubble mixture, add a few drops of food colouring to two tablespoons of dish liquid and the tiniest amount of water. Mix well. If you are using other colours, mix them […]

Paper Plate Weaving

Today, we have a fantastic craft for you! We are going to make this easy woven bowl made out of a paper plate. What you need: Colored yarn Paper plate Scissors Pencil Ruler First, make 13 tabs out of the plate by drawing a line from the top of the plate to the center circle. […]

Bouncy Gold Slime

  Here is a simple recipe to make your own bouncy gold slime. What you need: 2 tablespoons borax 1/2 cup of hot water Gold Glitter 1/2 School Glue 1/4 cup hot water  

Paper Plate Flamingo

Create this fun, crafty paper plate flamingo—a great project for kids to make! What you need: 1 paper plate 1 sheet of pink paper or card Pencil 2 sheets of tissue paper (pink and light pink) Scissors Glue 1 googly eye Sticky tape First, draw the head and neck of your flamingo on a piece […]

Clay Cactus Garden

  This Cactus Clay Garden is a great project for a child to extend their skills in modeling with clay. We were a bit bored with making snakes, so the next step was to make the clay snakes into a pot and make rectangles into cactuses. We used Mont Marte air-drying clay because it is […]

Make this Simple Seashell Mobile

    We have been keeping ourselves very busy making lots of jewelry out of shells. Chloe enjoys coloring the shells with felt pens and threading wool through the holes to make bracelets and now a shell mobile. Also, I have had a few questions about how we drilled the holes in the shells. We […]

Minecraft Creeper Cakes

There are so many creative ideas for Kids Birthday Cakes on the internet. I’m not a cake decorator, I have very little skill in this area but I wanted to give it a go to show you that even if you do not possess skills of a professional cake decorator you can actually make something […]