Make These Cute Halloween Emojis

These emojis are my kidsÂ’ creations and I’m so amazed at how cute they are!

What you need:
Emoji Pattern
Wellow felt
Red felt
Black felt
White felt
Hot glue
Yellow thread
White thread
Watch the video to see how we made the emojis:



  • Download and print the template
  • Cut out the ghost pattern
  • Sew the arms together
  • Turn right side out
  • Fill the arms with stuffing
  • Sew the ghost together
  • Turn the ghost right side out
  • Glue on the felt face
  • Fill the ghost with stuffing
  • Sew up the bottom of the ghost
  • Sew on the arms
  • Now the ghost is finished!
  • Cut out the felt vampire emoji
  • Sew the two circles together
  • Turn the circle right side out
  • Glue on the felt face
  • Stuff the circle
  • Sew up the gap at the bottom of the softie.

I hope you enjoy making these softies as much as my kids did!
Happy Halloween!


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