How to Make a Toilet Roll Cockatoo


This cheeky cockatoo is simple to make and its beak actually moves! We made the cockatoo as a stop motion puppet so, with the moving beak and detachable eyes, you can make him/her talk and look in different directions. And the materials are as basic as a toilet roll, paper, and cardboard.

Let’s begin.

What you need: 

Cockatoo Template
Download Template Here! 
Toilet roll
White paint
Paint Brush
White paper
Yellow Paper
Grey pipe cleaners
Hot glue
White Velcro
Two small brads


  • Start by painting the cardboard tube white.
  • Then, cut a rectangle 15cm x 6cm from a sheet of yellow paper.
  • Accordion fold the paper.


  • Cut two rectangles 18cm x 8cm from a sheet of white paper.
  • Make two legs from a grey pipe cleaner.
  • Print out the template, cut out the beak, and trace the shape on grey cardboard.
  • Make four small holes at the sides of the beak.


  • Attach holes with brads
  • Glue on the beak.
  • Glue on the eyes.


  • Attach the yellow paper crest to the top of the toilet roll.
  • Attach the wings to both sides of the cockatoo body.
  • Glue on the legs.

Our next post will provide instructions for making our sweet cockatoo a friend!






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